3 simple herbal tea recipes for better sleep

3 simple herbal tea recipes for better sleep

Do you have insomnia or struggle to fall asleep quickly at night? Too much thinking at night, anxiety, work pressure, tossing and turning in bed, and finally staying awake for a long time will hurt you physically and mentally. Don't worry. We have a bunch of approaches to help you sleep well at night, and here we got some enjoyable options.


Drinking sleep-aid herbal tea for internal conditioning has been an efficient way to help sleep since ancient times. And, of course, it is healthier and painless than other methods. The following is a recipe for five sleep-aid health tea.


1. Sour date tea: 

Sour date kernel is a kind of Chinese medicine, sweet and calm in nature, has a lot of efficacy and function, mainly has the function of nourishing the liver, reassuring, sedative, collecting sweat, main treatment of false annoyance sleeplessness, annoying thirst and sweat and other problems. It can cure insomnia by making water with sour date seeds.

Sour date seeds 10g 

Orange peel 5g 

Lily 5g


Effects: Calm, sleep aid, improve immunity, and reduce the burden on the liver


2. Chrysanthemum cassia wolfberry tea:

Cassia seeds, Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum have different degrees of crown expansion, improve microcirculation, lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, so cassia seeds, Chinese wolfberry, chrysanthemum tea has the effect of lowering blood lipids, nourishing the liver and kidneys, clearing the liver and fire, nourishing Yin and brightening the purpose.

Chrysanthemum 10g

Cassia 5g

Wolfberry 5g


Effects: Relieves fatigue, helps detoxify the liver, and clears heat


3. Sour date kernel cinnamon red date tea: 

The tea can warm the stomach and relieve pain, and warm the spleen and stomach. Cinnamon is very hot, warms the stomach, tonifies the spleen, stops stomach pain and diarrhea, and is also beneficial to those with weak kidney yang. Nourishes blood and calms the mind. For those who suffer from Qi and blood deficiency, blood dysentery, toothache and insomnia, drinking this tea can nourish the blood and regenerate it, calm the mind and regulate Qi.

Sour date kernel 10g

Lily 5g

Lotus seed tea  


Effects: Beauty and skin care, improve the complexion


All 3 of the recipe can be done by direct brewing in boiling water if you don't know where to purchase these ingredients or aren't good at brewing tea. You can try SaintNoon Red date & Lily tea, which already got expert identification. Just one sip before sleep, and get up until dawn.


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