3 recipes to make a cup of ginger tea at home

3 recipes to make a cup of ginger tea at home

Drinking ginger tea can bring many benefits. Of course, the daily practice of ginger tea is relatively simple and not that complicated! So what exactly are the benefits of drinking ginger tea? How should you make homemade ginger tea? Here follow me to learn about ginger tea knowledge!

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What are the benefits of drinking ginger tea

1. Relieve nausea and regurgitation

Ginger contains gangrene phenol composition, which is antiemetic, and can ease nausea, take airplanes, boats, and other means of transport, long-distance travel before drinking a cup of ginger tea can help prevent and relieve motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, and other nausea, vomiting feeling. If you already have nausea and regurgitation symptoms, a cup of ginger tea can also help relieve discomfort.


2. Promote digestion

Ginger contains a unique source of spicy taste, which can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, promote the digestion and absorption of food, and relieve the bloating and discomfort caused by overeating and bloating indigestion.


3. Anti-inflammatory and pain relief

In addition to helping digestion, ginger contains magnesium, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that helps relieve muscle pain and arthritis caused by fever, redness and swelling, and other discomforts. And if you have rough and dry skin problems, try SaintNoon buttock shaping patch. Enjoy the butt enhancement massage.


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4. Allergy prevention through the nose

Ginger tea can help relieve nasal congestion caused by the common cold. It can also relieve respiratory symptoms caused by pollen and other environmental allergies.


5. Improve blood circulation

The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in ginger tea help restore and improve blood circulation and prevent fatty deposits in the arteries, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


6. Ease the discomfort of the physiological period

In Chinese medicine, ginger has the effect of warming the menstrual cycle and dispersing cold. When you feel uncomfortable during menstruation, drinking ginger tea with honey helps activate the blood, disperse blood stasis, and relieve discomfort. In addition, choose to soak a towel in hot ginger tea and then hot compress the lower abdomen, which also has the effect of relaxing the muscles and alleviating menstrual cramps.


Ginger tea recipe

Ginger tea

Ingredients: 25 grams of ginger, 250 grams of boiling water, and 30 grams of brown sugar.



  1. Chopped ginger into powder and put it into the teapot.


  1. Add boiling water and brown sugar and simmer for about 5 minutes before drinking.


Red dates cinnamon ginger tea

Ingredients: 60g of dried cinnamon, 50g of red dates, 15g of ginger, 30g of rock sugar, 10g of brown sugar, 500ML of water.



  1. Shelled dried cinnamon, washed dates, and cut in half. Remove the nucleus;


  1. Cut ginger cut into thin juliennes; put 500ML water into a pot and boil.


  1. Add all the ingredients except brown sugar, turn high heat to low heat and continue to cook for 20 minutes.


  1. After 20 minutes of cooking, add 10 grams of brown sugar and boil again to serve.


Lemon Ginger Tea

Ingredients: 3 lemons, 1 large piece of ginger, and about 50 grams of brown sugar.



  1. Put a bit of salt on the surface of the lemons; wash them clean.


  1. Peeled ginger and cut lemon and ginger into slices.


  1. Put lemon slices, ginger slices, and brown sugar into a large bowl.


  1. Mix well and put all into a clean glass jar without water or oil.


  1. Sealed and put in the refrigerator. Wait for 3 days.


You can add some ice or drink it with hot water as you prefer.


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