Magical herbs for slowing down aging

Magical herbs for slowing down aging

Aging is a natural physiological phenomenon and is a spontaneous and inevitable process. There is no suitable clinical anti-aging method; Generally, with age growing, the body's structure and function gradually decline, and the adaptability and resistance also progressively degenerate. But one can adjust the situation through diet, exercise, and other ways to improve the state of the body, promote health, and help you keep a youthful appearance visually. Researchers at SaintNoon have found that there are herbs that can also help with anti-aging


1. He Shou Wu



Pharmacies sell He Shou Wu but raw, cooked, freshly dug Shou Wu by sun-dried or dried, is raw Shou Wu: and raw Shou Wu mixed with black bean juice, steamed to brown, dried into black, known as the system Shou Wu, that is, cooked Shou Wu. Cooked shouwu for the liver and kidneys, blood, and warm but not dry, tonic but not greasy, is a vital medicine.


For overworked people, cooked shouwu is the best tonic. It has also been reported that He Shou Wu can promote nerve cell growth and improve the ability of liver cells to transform and metabolize cholesterol.


Note: Hair nourishment with He Shou Wu is adequate only when taken over a long period. For those with a weak stomach and spleen, taking raw He Shou Wu is not advisable. 


2. Licorice


Licorice not only stops coughing, but it is also solid in anti-aging effects. People with high work pressure, irregular diet and life, and excessive thinking are prone to fatigue, weakness, insomnia, and dreaminess. Roasted licorice can be considered good medicine for heart and spleen deficiency symptoms. In addition, licorice has the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, anti-gene mutation, and anti-cancer, making it a perfect herb to fight against decay.


Note: If you have time, you can process the licorice bought from the pharmacy a little: mix some honey and then heat it slightly to make "roasted licorice" do not underestimate this simple DIY process. It benefits the anti-aging effect of Qi, and the tonic will be more effective.


3. Yu Zhu


Yu Zhu is a good product for nourishing Yin. It is the most suitable anti-aging tonic for those who often eat spicy food.


Since spicy food can damage stomach yin and cause symptoms such as prickly heat and thirst, dry mouth and tongue, if Yu Zhu is used with sage, maitake, and licorice, it nourishes Yin and moistens dryness, generates fluid, and quenches thirst.


Modern research has found that Yu Zhu has antioxidant effects, which can regulate immune function and scavenge free radicals, thus reducing damage to body tissues to slow down aging.


Note: Yu Zhu can be used in medicine and food, such as yucca lean pork soup, which can nourish Yin, moisten the lungs and stop cough: at the same time, yucca is also rich in mucilage and vitamin A substances, which can make the skin more moist and delicate.


4. Panax ginseng


Ginseng is good. Everyone knows this. The good thing about ginseng is that it is the best tonic for qi, but it is not very suitable for ordinary women. Compared with ginseng, Panax pseudo ginseng is a better choice in terms of cost-effectiveness and applicability.


The anti-aging effect of Panax ginseng can be said to be both internal and external. Panax ginseng can dilate blood vessels, reduce vascular resistance, increase cardiac output, slow heart rate, and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and capillary permeability, effectively preventing cardiovascular problems. Panax ginseng can nourish the blood vessels and dispel stagnation, which is quite effective for facial discoloration caused by qi deficiency.


Note: If you buy Panax ginseng powder, you can mix it with the right amount of honey to make a paste and apply it directly to your face for 10-20 minutes, which invigorates the blood and moisturizes the skin, and is anti-aging. Long-term compresses can make the skin smooth and tender. Taking Panax ginseng powder with honey water during the compressing period will be more effective.


5. Astragalus


Replenishing qi and blood should be a lifelong task for women. To have enough qi and blood, replenishing the spleen is essential thing. Astragalus is the best herb to replenish the spleen; the effect will be better if mixed with angelica.


Studies have shown that it can improve the body's overall immunity, promote human metabolism, regulate blood sugar, lower blood lipids, and enhance the level of the antioxidant substance SOD in the body, which has an excellent anti-aging effect.


Note: When taking Astragalus, you should follow the guidance of a physician and in appropriate amounts for the individual's constitution: it should not be taken by people prone to fire. There are many ways to take Astragalus. You can drink it as tea. You can also boil porridge, also can make soup.


6. Poria


Age reduction does not only refer to the skin. The stomach and intestines also need the same anti-aging. If you often have indigestion. There is no appetite or bloating at every turn, and the stomach is constantly rumbling. These indicate that your gut is aging, and Poria is the best aging remedy. The effect is excellent if you take it with ginseng, yam, and lotus seeds.


Research has also found that Poria has a regulatory function of the nervous system, can effectively extend the life of brain cells, improve hearing and vision, and improve intelligence and memory.


Note: Poria is a fungus mushroom, both medicinal and food, often used in medicinal cuisine, such as Poria cake, Poria cake, and Poria tea, which are famous for tonic food.


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