Secrets under tiny tea bags

Secrets under tiny tea bags

There are different ways of drinking tea.


There is the ritual of living in the courtyard, unwrapping a new tea cake with a tea needle, breaking off a piece of tea leaves, and putting it into the teapot.


There are also in the skyscraper, hastily from the desk drawer to turn out a bag of tea bags, thrown into a teacup full of boiling water in the convenience.


Tea bags vs. Tea leaves

New teabags contain billions of plastic particles, new study shows.

We all must have come across bagged tea in our daily lives, and it is different from loose or tightly pressed tea in terms of production, appearance, and drinking methods. But where does bagged tea come from? And what are its most essential features?


Born by chance

About the origin of bagged tea, there is a story that: in 1904, the United States New York businessman Thomas Sullivan to expand sales, small silk bags of tea as a sample sent to buyers. One buyer accidentally received the sample neglected, even the steeping silk bag in the cup. The results were completely unexpected - his customers thought the tea in a small silk bag was very convenient, and the order came in droves. However, after delivery, the customer was disappointed - the tea was still loose, and there were no such convenient small silk bags, which caused complaints. Sullivan, after all, is an intelligent businessman. This incident was inspired and soon used a muslin cloth instead of silk made of pouches, processed into a new type of small bagged tea, very popular with consumers. This small invention brought considerable profits to Sullivan. The world's first bagged tea was thus created!


Thus, the uniqueness of bagged tea lies in the fact that - the tea is packed in a small bag made of muslin cloth. The small and convenient feature became its shining calling card.


Classification of bagged tea

Bagged tea can be divided into pure tea bagged tea, fruit flavored and scented bagged tea, and health care bagged tea according to the different contents of the package.


According to the state of the tea, raw materials are packaged differently. Bagged tea can be divided into broken-type tea bags and strip-type tea bags. The former uses raw crushed tea materials such as crushed black tea, granular green tea, or strip tea by chopping and forming powdered tea bagged tea; the latter uses strip tea directly packaged bagged tea, only in recent years.


diy tea bag air freshener -

Bagged tea, according to the different shapes of the filter paper bags, can be divided into round bag type, triangular bag type, and straight bag type. In comparison, straight bag types can be divided into single-chamber bags (commonly known as envelope bags) and double-chamber bags (widely known as w bags). Triangular bag type bubble tea has emerged only in recent years, which can be packed with crushed tea and a strip of tea.



What are the advantages of bagged tea?



Convenience is the most significant advantage of bagged tea. With the advantage of being small and portable, bagged tea is favored by many people who live a modern, fast-paced life. In schools, offices, and transportation, we may need the means to prepare a complete set of tea sets to make tea. Even if we use a cup with a filter, cleaning the scattered tea leaves may be inconvenient. But the convenience of tea bags can be put into the cups and brewed immediately!

Control the amount and time of tea

The amount of tea leaves in each bag is controlled, and you only need to follow the time marked on the tea package to make tea, so you can accurately control the length of tea brewing. While brewing tea with loose tea leaves depends on the experience of the tea brewer to grasp the length of time.


Fast Soup

Most of the tea leaves in bagged tea are broken, so the flavor and essence of the tea can be quickly released when steeping.



After continuous development, bagged tea has developed many new varieties - changing the contents of the bagged tea with the combination of fresh flavors of bagged tea such as fruity and fragrant bagged tea and health care bagged tea. It can meet with different needs of the market.


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However, there are some drawbacks to bagged tea!


Difficult to distinguish the quality of tea leaves

While we can judge the quality of ordinary tea leaves by observing their color and shape, it is challenging to evaluate the quality of the tea leaves themselves because they are mostly chopped up. When making tea, it is also impossible to judge and appreciate the tea by observing the spreading posture of the tea leaves.


Be careful with the material of the tea bags.

Nowadays, some manufacturers may use artificial fibers and low-cost and nasty fabrics to make profits, so tea bags have significant safety risks.


Less brewing times, poor taste

When brewing tea bags, because the tea leaves have crumbled, the tea leaves out of the soup quickly. The tea soup is easily bitter and not resistant to brewing, usually only once. Tea, on the other hand, can be brewed several times more.


We all found that bagged tea has an advantage that cannot be replaced by loose tea - it is too convenient. Bagged tea allows people with a fast-paced life to enjoy the health and pleasure of drinking tea. However, as the saying goes, "speed is not good enough," so while enjoying the quick results, you can't help but lose points on "quality." Bulk tea, although not so convenient, tea drinkers, in addition to the tea, more attention, a mood, a relaxed "slow" attitude to life, and pure nature and health. In the latter sense, it is better to drink tea!


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But you can still drink bagged tea. And here are some TIPS from SaintNoon!

Pick bagged tea tips.

  1. Appearance: good quality filter paper, thin and uniform, good filtration, no breakage, standardized packaging, in line with national or industry standards.
  2. Soup color: the color is different according to the tea type, but it should be clear and bright. Cloudy belongs to the inferior tea.
  3. Aroma: pure and highly fresh, delicate tea fragrance, old fire, and green gas are low quality.
  4. Taste: fresh, mellow, and refreshing. The green and astringent belong to the lower grade.


Whether it is bagged tea or tea, the final purpose is to enable people to drink a pot of good tea ~ read the introduction of this article. For bagged tea and tea, your heart belongs to it. Go to drink your favorite tea it ~


All tea bags from SaintNoon are all designed to be environmentally friendly, where the herbs are hand-picked, additive-free, pollution-free, and easy to carry for daily travel.



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